Once you register and take the training course we will give you a list of all the tools and equipment you will need to perform commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning as a professional. WE DO NOT SELL YOU ANY EQUIPMENT, but will show you where to buy it according to your budget. Our goal and mission is to train, certify and teach you the business, not to upsell the service by selling you tools and equipment. If you tell us you have a $1,000 budget we will show you how to get started with that amount...If you want to buy a top of the line pressure washer, we will show you where to buy it for half the price of other places! If you have your own trailer or van to transport your pressure washer, the tools and equipment can range from $2,000 to $5,000 for top of the line equipment. You can buy used equipment or new. We have a strong relationship will all the vendors and will show you how to save money on everything.