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Exhaust Hood Cleaning – Online Self Study 26 Videos Training & Certification Program


Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is a solid business opportunity that is state regulated and needed by ALL restaurants nationwide! The MFS online self-study course is the safest way to get your exhaust hood cleaning training & certification by watching our 26 videos from the comfort of your own home!

What's Included:
Exhaust Hood Cleaning Training & Certification (Online Self Study).
FREE Add-on: Public Entity/Government Bidding (Online Self Study). Click here to learn more.

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Our Online Self-Study training and certification program for commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is one of the best in the country. It was born out of the 4-day hands on classes we do every month in Sanford Orlando Florida. It's really like taking our 4-day course, but doing it from the comfort of your own home or office. Most people take about 1 week, studying a few hours a night and then are ready to take their test, which is done over Zoom video call with a live Proctor who will guide you through taking the test. You also receive FREE job leads from private entities via our sister website

Note: After completing the Online Self-Study course, at any time you feel like coming for the 1-Day Hands-on training ... you just have to pay $1,200 extra & come to any of our training class here in Sanford FL. Just call our office & book your seat for the preferred month.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning is an ideal opportunity as an add-on service to existing Power Washing, Janitorial Cleaning companies or Fire Suppression companies, as well as vocational rehab individuals that want to either start their own business or work for an exhaust hood cleaning company as certified technicians and inspectors!

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning is a recession proof business because all restaurants across the country MUST clean their hood system periodically or the grease from the cooking builds up so much that it becomes a fire hazard to the restaurant. Thus, fire inspectors throughout the USA and Canada will inspect all commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems to make sure that they are cleaned prior to the grease build up. As long as restaurants cook food, this industry will always exist whether the economy is slow or thriving.
  1. MFS Certification (Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaner)
  2. MFS Certification (Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Inspector)
  3. Training Manual (Hard Copy + PDF for Hood cleaning)
  4. Self-Study Videos (26 Pre-recorded videos on Hood Cleaning)
  5. Self-Study Videos (2 Pre-recorded videos on Public Entity Bidding)
  6. FREE Job leads from restaurants or other entities that visit our website in search of certified students.
  7. Unlimited phone support with questions on your new business

Course Fee : $3,840 $4,800

Each Additional Person : $2,840 $3,550

Payment Plans:

  • Plan 1 : $3,840 $4,800 for First Person & $2,840 $3,550 for each additional person (Pay in full).
  • Plan 2 : $5,400 for First Person ($2,400 Down payment + 6 monthly payments of $500 each) & $4,400 for each additional person ($2,000 Down payment + 6 monthly payments of $400 each).
  • Plan 3 : $4,800 via PayPal - 6 monthly payments with 0% interest (Must have good credit).

What's Included:
Exhaust Hood Cleaning Training & Certification (Online Self Study). Click here to learn more.
FREE Add-on: Public Entity/Government Bidding (Online Self Study). Click here to learn more.
  1. The students enrolling for this certification program are required to take our Online Certification Test after they finish studying our training manual & videos. Upon scoring a grade of 70 or above, the student will be mailed their certification via Post (USPS).
  2. Passing is guaranteed even if you have to take the test multiple times until you pass, and there is no additional cost to take the test as many times as needed.
  3. Online Test is scheduled over Zoom Video Call by our In-house proctor. Our proctor will help you through the whole test session.
  4. Online Test consists of 50 Multiple Choice Test questions. Each question carries 2 points. To pass the test, you have to score a minimum of 70 points.
  1. For Offline registration, please call our Office (Mon – Fri) at
    407-732-4625 between 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
  2. For Online registration, visit our online registration page at: Register
  3. For any specific questions or queries, you can speak directly with the Founder & also our Chief Trainer (Mr. Christos) at
    407-509-1449 Mon – Sat (10.00 AM to 6.00 PM).

Annual Recertification Fee : $250

Our Certification is valid for 1-year. We encourage our students to stay connected with us through annual recertification. Recertification has many advantages.

  1. We update our Training Manual & Videos with new information & updated code changes throughout the year.
  2. You get free job leads from private entities via our sister website ''.
  3. You get promotions & discounts on tools, equipment & additional courses to grow your business throughtout the year.

  1. All sales are final. There will be no refunds permitted once a sale is made. However, you will have up to 1 year to take the course.

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