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Finding Jobs

OK, so you made the decision to do it right and come and get trained and certified. But now comes the challenging part...How do you find work? The great thing about choosing our school is that we will teach you "out of the box" creative ways to generate revenue from multiple services, so you are not just depending on exhaust hood cleaning from one restaurant at a time to survive. We will show you ways to take work from non-certified hood cleaners by teaching you the fire codes so you can easily spot fire hazards that are a liability to the restaurant owner. The other big advantage of choosing our school is that we will teach you how to bundle the 3 services; hood cleaning, cooking oil filtration and waste oil collection...This is what we call "Bundling your services". For example, if a restaurant customer chooses to rent you roil filter machine for $250/month, you can afford to give them one free hood cleaning a year...No hood cleaner can complete with that.... And you are still making incredible profit. Here's another example...Let's say that his very happy with his hood cleaner and he just doesn't want to part with him no matter what price you offer him, what can you do? You could offer him daily cooking oil filtration service for $25/fryer. So you come in every day either in the morning or evening and filter each fryer. If they have and average of 2 fryers at $25/fryer for 365 days a year, that's ($50 x 365 = $18,250 per year!!!) You can also offer them weekly filter cleaning service. So you come in once a week during the day and swap their dirty filters with clean ones for a total of $40/week, So that's ($40 x 52 weeks = $2,080) a year customer. And that's with you doing NO hood cleaning at all. This is what we mean by creative bundled marketing.

Now, we're going to tell you about something that probably 95% of hood cleaners don't know....We're going to show you how to find school exhaust hood cleanings and pressure washing jobs that go out to bid from private and public entity/government funded facilities such as schools, hospitals, housing authorities, townships, municipalities, counties, jails, Parks, DEP, DOT and dozens of others!!! These projects can range from $25,000 to $500,000 and go out to bid to public entity bonded contractors!! THIS IS WHERE THE BIG MONEY IS AT. While every other hood cleaner is trying to get single restaurant jobs, you are bidding $100,000's dollar jobs and the small restaurant jobs, rising above ALL and ANY competition. THIS IS WHAT WILL SEPARATE YOU FROM OTHER HOOD CLEANERS. You also receive 1-year of project leads posted by schools and government entities for your state.

We will teach you the art of public entity bidding and understanding the bidding process, and how to find these kind of jobs. You will learn to fill out a public entity exhaust hood cleaning bid in our training and also demonstrate a real simulation bid opening on day 4 so you can understand the whole open bid concept. And after your training, when you are ready to bid on your first job we will be here to help you and offer you our assistance free of charge to make sure you filled it out correctly so you don't get rejected . No one in the country offers this training, we are the only ones....This is included in your 4 day training!

In today's digital marketing era, you can't afford not to do Internet advertising for your business!! If your business name and phone number is not floating to the top of Google, then you are invisible to Internet traffic! WE CAN CHANGE THAT FOR YOU!! Our programmers will create your Google marketing campaign so you can float to the top of the search engines! This is critical because it's how your customers will find you on the internet. We have several plans available that you can choose from: 1) Creation of your professional logo, 2) Creation of your website, 3) Creating and managing your Google PPC marketing campaign, 4) Creating your Search Engine Optimization for all the key words pertaining to your business. IN OUR OPINION, ALL OF THE ABOVE MUST BE DONE IF YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO THRIVE!

We will tell you about 3rd party services that we have relationships with that have given us reduced rates for their services that will show you all new restaurants that are opening up in your area. This is important because they have not yet built relationships with other exhaust hood cleaners, and thus you can be the first one to meet with them and lock them down with your services.

You will never find a more complete and comprehensive Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Certification program anywhere in the country.

We Are Here To Help You Grow Above And Beyond Your Initial 4 Day Training!!!