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Fryer Oil Filtration & Waste Oil Collection Course - Online Training & Certification

Restaurants spend thousands of dollars each year on cooking oil. You provide them with the Micro Filter King oil filtration solution of cutting their oil cost by 50% or more while serving the best fried food to their customers. And after they maximize the life of their oil and they throw it out, we will show you how to make money by managing the picking up of the waste oil and selling it to biodiesel plants that will buy it from you. This course comes with one year phone support on how to grow your business.

Pricing & Registration

  • Registration for Online Oil Filtration & Waste Oil Collection Course: $2,000* (The cost of this course is $0.00 with the purchase of our hands on Exhaust Hood Cleaning course or any combination of courses that adds up to $4,000).
  • Cost of Micro Filter King Machine to MFS Students: $5,500.
  • Micro Filter King Machine Retail Cost to Restaurants: $6,000 (Retail Cost to restaurants).

Financing is Available to your Restaurant Customers

100% Financing available if you qualify with no money down.

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Fryer Oil Filtration

Ways You Make Money

You do not need to buy machines from us. Let your restaurant customers buy them directly from us. You make commissions from the initial sale of the machine as well as monthly commissions from the $200/month of filters we sell to them. Sell our Micro Filter King Machines ($6,000), and make monthly commission from the monthly filters we sell to them.

Online Course

You will receive our training manual, training videos on how to operate the machine, marketing, estimating, the science of cooking oil and unlimited phone support on how to start your oil filtration business!

  • CUT COOKING OIL COST BY 50% or MORE... By polishing and filtering the oil to a microscopic level!
  • SAVE LABOR IN FILTERING YOUR OIL... Filter fryers in 5 minutes & save hours in labor.
  • SAFELY TRANSPORTS used hot cooking oil to the grease dumpster! (No more slips & burns)
  • GET INTO A HIGH PROFIT MARGIN BUSINESS There is tremendous profit margins renting or servicing restaurants!
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