Learn How to Bid on Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Pressure Washing Bids from Schools & Public Entities

This knowledge is included in our 4 day course at no extra charge. Taught by a retired government bonded contractor, this course will teach you the foundation of how to become a bonded contractor & bid on exhaust hood cleaning and pressure washing jobs put out to bid by schools and other public & government funded entities.


1,000's of contract jobs ranging from $25,000 to $10 Million+ go out to bid every week from public/government funded entities and only a small percent of prime government bonded contractors know the secret of how to get bonded and bid on them. THIS IS A TIGHTLY GUARDED SECRET that will be taught to you from a retired government bonded contractor that has been bidding public entity government work for over 20 years.

What Type of Bids?

All types: Exhaust hood cleaning, pressure washing, General Construction, plumbing, electrical, painting, concrete, masonry, roofing, flooring, storm drainage, water lines, road & paving, landscaping, tree cutting, pressure cleaning, food, services, material of all types and many more.

Things You Will Learn In Your 4 Day Class

1. Facts About Public Entity & Government Funded Jobs
a) Is it guaranteed money!
b) Should you bid as a Subcontractor or go directly as a prime contractor?
c) Who wins the bids and how do they choose who to give the bid to?
d) Is it tons of paperwork and bureaucracy?
e) Who puts out bids? Townships, Cities, Board of Educations, Counties, State, Airports, Hospitals, Firehouses, Libraries, HUD Housing Developments, Army, Navy, DEP, DOT, and more.

2. What Kind of Projects Can You Bid On?
a) What criteria are used to determine what you can bid on?
b) Can you sub out a sub-trade if you want to?

3. Price Range of Project Bids
a) What size projects can do out to bid?

4. Bonds, Licenses Required & Insurance
a) We will discuss the differences of all 3 and what is required.
b) What type of insurance General Liability will you require?

5. What is a Bonding Company & What is the Cost?
a) How it's different than insurance.
b) How do I get bonded?

6. What are the various Surety Bonds Required for biding
a) Bid Bond - What is a bid bond and how much does it cost?
b) Performance Bond - What is a performance bond and how much does it cost?
c) Maintenance Bond - What is a maintenance bond and how much does it cost?

7. Choosing an accountant
a) New Business: What does a new business require?
b) What does an existing business require?

8. Now you're bonded...How do you find work?
a) You will learn about the various sources that report public entity jobs out to bid.

9. The "ART OF BIDDING" public entity government bids
a) Your competition
b) When to bid low and when to bid high.
c) Can all bids be rejected and go on re-bid?
d) Can the number of bidders affect the bid?
e) When should you under bid?
f) Dangers that you should avoid regarding your bonding company.
g) How do I treat Mandatory Pre-Bid Meetings?

10. Filling Out your First Public Entity Government Bid!
a) Doing it alone or should you ask for help?
b) Inserting your own invoice.
c) Writing comments in the bid documents.
d) Submitting approved equals inside your bid envelope.
e) What flexibility do you have in filling out the bid documents?
f) What is a Non Collusion page?
g) What needs signing when submitting a sealed bid envelope?

11. Attending Your First Public Entity Bid
a) When should you arrive at the bid opening?
b) Can you and should you mail in your sealed bid envelope?
c) Sealing your envelope properly.
d) Taking detailed notes on the prices of your competition.
e) Do they open all Bids and announce to the public the price of all the Bidders or is it done in secret?
f) When do they read the itemized prices of the three apparent low bidders?
g) What are your LEGAL RIGHTS to request to examine the bids?
h) Tricks of the trade for getting low bids REJECTED!!!

12. Filling out and submitting a sample public entity government bid based on what you learned.
a) Simulation bid opening of all bids submitted by students similar to a real bid opening.
b) Discussion on what to look for and how to possibly reject low bids.
c) It's not over until you say so!!!
d) Announcing the apparent low bidder and prize won!

This part of the course will open up a world of jobs for you that will allow you to rise above other exhaust hood cleaning companies to something much bigger. After we teach you the material listed above, we will give you a sample exhaust hood cleaning school bid to fill out as homework and then on the 4th day at 9AM submit your sealed bid as we conduct a mock up "Open Public Bid" to see who won the bid. The knowledge you will learn here is not taught anywhere in the country.

This manual, is the first of its kind, and is included with your 4 day training. It will reveal to you trade secrets from a retired government bonded contractor.Everything from how to get bonded to finding exhaust hood cleaning and pressure washing jobs from schools & government funded entities, to the art of bidding and winning bids. This manual is a MUST if you want to know everything there is to know about Public Entity Government Bonded jobs for ALL trades.


You will never find a more complete and comprehensive Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Certification program anywhere in the country.

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