Commercial Strength Cleaning Chemicals for Exhaust Hood Cleaners & Restaurants

Exhaust Hood System Cleaning (by Using a Pressure Washer)

hood degreaser

Grease Eater is a powerful & concentrated biodegradable degreaser specifically made for cleaning stubborn grease in ALL restaurant commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems; fans, hood, filters, grills, equipment, floors, concrete and more. It's great for all kinds of restaurants; BBQ, Chinese, Steak, Seafood, Bars, Burgers, Wings, Mexican and more. Trust Grease Eater to get the job done FAST, SAFE & AFFORDABLY. Just mix 2 cups of Grease Eater with 1 gallon of water and use a pump sprayer to spray the exhaust hood system. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse off with a hot water pressure washer.

Filter Cleaning (by Soaking...No More Scrubbing or Pressure Washer)

hood degreaser

Now there's a super-fast way to clean filters! No more scrubbing or using a pressure washer! Just mix 4 quarts of Grease Eater into a 27-gallon plastic bin and let your filters soak for 2 hours or overnight at the end of your shift...Pull them out and they are spotless!!! This will save you time, labor and money!

Grease Eating Enzymes (for Grease Traps, Soda Machines, Fly Problems & Urinals)

Grease Eating Enzymes

200 BILLION ENZYMES has 3 major uses in Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and other commercial food preparation facilities that often experience sanitation problems associated with the buildup of organic waste. These problems include clogged grease traps & drains, fruit & drain fly infestations near soda machines, and urinal foul odors. 200 BILLION ENZYMES is a highly-concentrated multi-bacterial liquid that actually multiplies and digests grease, sugar & organic buildup and thus removes the problem, unlike degreasers that simply loosen the grease. This is unlike other enzymes products you may have used. You will LOVE this product!