Learn How To Bid Schools & Government Facilities

Public entities and government funded entities such as municipalities, boroughs, counties, schools, libraries, fire houses, park commissions, hospitals, jails, military facilities all put their exhaust hood cleaning and pressure washing services OUT TO BID on YEARLY CONTRACTS! No one can bid on these projects without being a "Bonded Contractor". We will teach you everything about bidding public entity bonded jobs. It is another world of business that 80% of hood cleaners and contractors don't know about. You will see public entity jobs out to bid in exhaust hood school cleaning and pressure washing bids range from $25,000 to $500,000... that's where the BIG MONEY is at. You need to do it all...the small restaurant cleanings and the public entity yearly contract cleanings!!

We will teach you the art of bidding and understanding the bidding process, and how to uncover these kind of jobs. You will learn to fill out a public entity exhaust hood cleaning bid in our training and also demonstrate a real simulation bid opening so you can understand the whole open bid concept. And after your training, when you are ready to bid on your first job we will be here to help you and offer you our assistance free of charge to make sure you filled it out correctly so you don't get rejected . No one in the country offers this training, we are the only ones....This is included in your 4 day training!