So many restaurant owners do not know much about the NFPA Code 96,, and how it applies to the fire safety of their restaurant. After a fire happens, it's too late for the restaurant owner to learn! We will teach you the code so you can educate them and they will appreciate all that you teach them and show them that you care about their restaurant.

For example, if a restaurant is a 24 hour operation, they must clean their hoods quarterly as per NFPA Code 96. If however the owner does not know this and he has been cleaning them 3 times a year because the fire inspector never sited him, and then he has a fire... his insurance company is the one that will say to him, "I'm sorry we can't pay your million dollar fire claim because according to NFPA Code 96 you should have been cleaning your hoods 4 times a year and grease is fuel which caused the restaurant fire". AS A PROFESSIONAL, IT'S UP TO YOU TO EDUCATE THE RESTAURANT OWNER WHO WILL BE YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT. This is the attitude that you must have to be respected in the industry and for customers to stay with you for years to come.