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Power Washing Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems

Power washing restaurant kitchen exhaust hood systems is a government mandated service. Restaurants all over the United States must clean their exhaust hood system 1-12 times a year from a certified exhaust hood cleaning company and be given the correct Certificate of Inspection and JSR paperwork or the fire inspector will shut them down! In addition, if it is not cleaned as per NFPA Code 96 standards, their insurance company will not pay their claim if there is a fire. What that means for you, is that this business is highly needed and will NEVER go away!

We have both an online course that you can take and watch 26 videos from the comfort of your own home or come to one of our monthly 1-day hands on hybrid training we do in Sanford/Orlando Florida!

Hundreds of students have taken our course and we have 5 star reviews that you can look at!

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