• Stainless Steel Screen Basket for Micro Filter King Machine

This is a 200 Micron food grade stainless steel screen basket for the Micro Filter King machine. The screen basket is the first defence to catching all the big fried particles that not only clog the fryer during the nightly filtration process making it longer to filter, but also degrade the oil irreversibly.

The Micro Filter King Microscopic machine is made to filter to a microscopic level removing saturated fat, the large frying debris and leaving the oil with a thinner viscosity which ultimately gives you healthier and tastier fried food. You always want to filter from the cleanest fryer to the dirtiest and not the other way around.

Micro Filter King is a true microscopic cooking oil filtration machine that will extend the life of your cooking oil by 50% or more while giving you the best quality fried food for your restaurant.

It’s heavy-duty built for commercial applications with American parts and labor, 1/3 HP motor, and 5 Gal per minute reversible pump. The cooking oil passes through 2 unique filter systems which force and seal every drop through a microscopic filter process before returning to the fryer. We call this process the, “Double forced & sealed filtration process” which is the science behind our technology making it vastly different than many other machines in today’s market.

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Stainless Steel Screen Basket for Micro Filter King Machine

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