A set of 2 magnets, 2'x3' commercial grade vinyl.  Advertising and building awareness to your business is critical to your success. Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning is a recession proof business because all restaurants across the country MUST CLEAN their exhaust hoods, fans and ducts periodically or the grease from the cooking builds up so much that it becomes a fire hazard to the restaurant. Thus, fire inspectors throughout the USA and Canada will inspect all commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems to make sure that they are cleaned prior to the grease build up. As long as restaurants cook food, this industry will always exist whether the economy is slow or thriving. Not only is Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning a recession proof business and required by ALL restaurants but also the cleaner has to be a certified entity! This means that restaurants will always want your service because they can't clean it themselves! The other great thing is that it's typically done at night after 9 pm when the restaurant closes. Thus, it can be a great part time or full-time business. And it's a business you can operate from your home, van or trailer without the need of an office or many employees. You can do Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning part time or full time! Most cleaning are done at night when restaurants close and take about 3-4 hour for an average cleaning. Two people can either clean 1 job a night in about 3- 4 hours or clean 2 jobs per night...that would-be full-time work!

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Vehicle Magnets (Set of Two)

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