X Pro.20 Power Sprayer - Cordless

Made in the USA for professional use, the xPRO.20 is a commercial grade power sprayer that can spray, fog or mist and is designed for fast, safe, efficient application. Weighing only 8 lbs., the xPRO.20 includes an advanced new 12v LiFePO4 lithium-iron battery (better than ion batteries) providing up to 8 hours of application time on a single charge. The on-board battery can be recharged with 110V plug in under 40 minutes while the xPRO.20 is in use. Easily setup the xPRO.20 in under 2 minutes with quick connect spray triggers and hoses. Treat 3600 sq. feet in 5 minutes and evenly coat all surfaces. Works better than expensive electrostatic sprayers that can't spray corners because of opposite charges. Use only with water-based chemicals. (Other models available for non water based chemicals)

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X Pro.20 Power Sprayer - Cordless

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