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Hottest Online Trade School Franchise & Licensing Opportunity

Get into one of the fastest growing industry of our decade ... Online classes are exploding across the world. We are selling exclusive territories to one of the hottest online educational trade schools in the country. This is an opportunity for you to make money 24/7 while your online courses are being sold nationwide and worldwide!

We teach people how to start their own business in just a few days of watching our pre-recorded videos or by coming to our hands on monthly classes! The world is changing ... people want to work for themselves and create their own American Dream! And MFS Trade School is here to teach them a few great niche trades!!!

Course #1: Commercial Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning - Did you know that EVERY restaurant in the United States MUST clean their kitchen exhaust hood system 2 to 12 times a year or they will be shut down?? Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is government mandated as per NFPA Code 96 and enforced by city fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide. All RESTAURANTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY MUST CLEAN THEIR EXHAUST HOOD SYSTEMS 2-12 TIMES PER YEAR or get shut down.

Course #2: Virus Disinfection - Ever since the pandemic started, this course has been selling non-stop! Our online course teaches them how to kill the Corona Virus in schools, restaurants, offices and more! The great thing about selling this course is that after they get trained and certified, we sell them all the chemicals and equipment to perform the work for their new company!!! Thus, the commissions to you and us are continuous!!

Course #3: How to Bid Government & Public Entity Construction Jobs1,000's of construction jobs go out to bid every week from public & government entities and only a few prime government bonded contractors know the secret of how to bid on them. THIS IS A TIGHTLY GUARDED SECRET that is taught from a retired government bonded contractor that has been bidding public entity government work for over 20 years. Our Training Manual/Guide & Videos will teach you the foundation of how to bid on public entity and government jobs and where to find them.

This is a licensing opportunity for you to own the exclusive rights to an MFS Trade School territory in your area and make money without opening a school or have any inventory! You find interested students in your territory, and we provide all the training and support and split the profits with you! Once they take the course, we provide all the tools, equipment and chemicals required for their business and split profits with you from that as well. For the past 7 years we have built a solid business in training and certifying students worldwide on one of the most lucrative trades that exist in the restaurant service industry! We offer online and hands on courses on various niche trades like “Commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning”, “Virus Disinfection” and “How to bid on public entity projects”. Please see our website with great student reviews.


  1. An exclusive territory with 5 million in population in your state.
  2. We will provide you with 5 days of training in the various courses that we offer.
  3. We will train and certify students as well as provide all year long phone support to them.
  4. We will give you the following for your territory:
    1. 6 months of targeted Google AdWords advertising
    2. 6 months of targeted Google My Business advertising
    3. 6 months of targeted Facebook advertising
    4. LinkedIn setup account
    5. 6 months of targeted YouTube advertising
    6. Membership to all the Chamber of Commerce organizations in your territory

We have hundreds of 5-Star videos and written testimonies on our website and on Google.

  1. Video Testimonials
  2. Written Testimonials
  3. Google

We split the following money for the courses with you 50/50. We keep 50% of the fees for the training and advertising and support of the students and you keep the remaining 50% for all registrations in your exclusive territory! We do all the work related to offering the courses and support and you focus on finding and bringing in new students in your community and exclusive territory. You will also make money from yearly re-certifications as well as from all tools & chemicals purchased by students who purchase from your exclusive territory regardless if you sell it or if they buy from our website.

 Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning course ($1,875 x 1/wk. x 52 wks.) $97,500
 Virus Disinfection ($1,000 x 2/month x 12 months) $24,000
 How to Bid Public Entity Construction Jobs ($1,000 x 2/month x 12 months) $24,000
 Average sales from equipment & chemicals sold (Average $300 per year/ 50 students/yr.) $15,000
 Residual royalties paid to you for re-certifications ($100 per year/ 50 students/yr.) $5,000

NOTE: The above are projections based on average sales brought by your efforts. Your actual results may vary based on your sales efforts.

$100,000 For an exclusive licensing territory of up to 5 million population.

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