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Virus Disinfection Training & Certification

The MFS Trade School offers Virus Disinfection training and certification worldwide through our self-study online course consisting of about 6 hours of "hands-on learning videos" and our "MFS Training Manual".

Course Fee: $2,000

Payment Plans:
  • Plan 1 : PayPal- 6 monthly payments, 0% interest of $333.33/month ($2,000 total, must have good credit)
  • Plan 2 : MFS in-house financing regardless of credit - $1,500 down and 2 monthly payments of $350 (Total $2,200)
  • Plan 3 : Pay in full using any major credit card (Total $2,000)

Our School teaches you everything you need to know about how to start your own “Virus Disinfection Business”. You will learn everything from marketing, estimating to what chemicals and equipment to use, to how to find work & with unlimited 1-year phone support. You also receive 1-year of project leads posted by schools and government entities for your state. Additionally, we offer FREE lead service (private entities) via our sister website

There hasn’t been a better time than now to start your own virus disinfecting business! The entire world has been hit so hard by the COVID-19 pandemic that it will never be the same. People, businesses and government entities including schools and hospitals will be proactive in disinfecting to control and prevent not only SARS-Cov-2 but also any new upcoming pathogens.

Starting your own disinfecting business now means you will be the first to capture big accounts that are going out to bid and rise as the next big brand name for disinfecting in your state and community! The MFS Trade School will help you with everything you need to get started. You will receive your MFS Virus Disinfecting Certification and also online training of actual pre-recorded hands on videos showing you how to do the work. We will then continue to assist you in finding the right chemicals and equipment as well as marketing, estimating, how to bid on school contracts over $50,000 and where to find this work! We also provide 1 year of unlimited phone support with any questions you have along the way.

Course Fee: $2,000

Payment Plans:
  • Plan 1 : PayPal- 6 monthly payments, 0% interest of $333.33/month ($2,000 total, must have good credit)
  • Plan 2 : MFS in-house financing regardless of credit - $1,500 down and 2 monthly payments of $350 (Total $2,200)
  • Plan 3 : Pay in full using any major credit card (Total $2,000)

You will be trained and certified from a combination of online 6 hour videos showing you on-the-job how to disinfect various businesses (a restaurant, church, warehouse, office, daycare) along with a training manual that teaches you marketing, estimating and how to properly disinfect according to the methods and guidelines suggested by the EPA and CDC for disinfecting against SARS-Cov-2 and other pathogens. Upon completion of the program there is an online test which upon passing you will receive a certificate from our school stating that you are trained & certified for Virus Disinfection.

  1. Learn the protocols and safety guidelines of virus disinfecting as per EPA and CDC.
  2. How to safely mix and deploy various concentrated disinfectants & antiviral chemicals.
  3. Learn about antimicrobial chemicals that can be spray coated to give 30-90 days of continuous germ protection.
  4. Learn about various disinfectants and how they can be sprayed or fogged or using electrostatic machines. When to use these different machines and with what chemicals and what particle size for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  5. Learn what tools & equipment are needed to offer effective disinfectant & antiviral services.
  6. Learn marketing and estimating for offering disinfection services to homes and businesses.
  7. Learn how to bid public entity, townships, schools, hospitals for disinfecting that can be over $100,000.
  8. Help you get bonded and introduce you to our bonding agency for bidding public work.
  9. Receive the “MFS Certificate of Virus Disinfection”, after taking our course and passing our online test.
  10. Ability to print and/or purchase customized "Disinfected" window stickers for your customers.
  11. Receive one-year unlimited phone support for any questions regarding help for your business or how to fill out upcoming public entity bids.
  12. Get put on our list of Certified vendors when we get calls asking for this service in your area.

In the 6-hour videos and the Training Manual you will also learn marketing and estimating. How to market your business is crucial to your success. You will learn about the various ways to market your business; both digitally as well as traditional brick and mortar. You will also learn how to estimate small residential jobs and large public entity school or township jobs. The great thing about our school is that we offer unlimited phone support up to one year, so if you have any questions about marketing or estimating, you can call up and set a free consultation and it will be our pleasure to help you!

Finding work is one of the most challenging tasks of starting any business! We are here to help you with that as well. Our school has been around since 2013 and we have picked up a lot of ways to show you where you can find work!! We will share these trade secrets with you!!

Learning how to bid public entity, municipal and school contracts is an art that took us years to learn. There are no books on how to get bonded to bid the large public entity projects that are typically over $100,000. In most cases you need to be bonded, which we will introduce you to our affiliated bonding agency that will help get you bonded. We spend about 2 hours teaching you this art of bidding these types of projects.

Our job is to seek and negotiate deals from multiple chemical manufacturers from across the country and around the world to bring to our students cutting edge chemicals at a reasonable price! We have multiple EPA registered N listed chemicals that kill the Coronavirus as well as other products that are EPA registered as Antimicrobial coatings that inhibits the growth of bacteria, germs and fungi for up to 90 days! We carry both ready to use and concentrated disinfectant chemicals so as to save you money.

The MFS Trade School is a one-stop-shop for training, certification as well as all the various tools you will require to perform disinfecting service. For small residential jobs you will require small hand held, for large offices or warehouse you will require much larger equipment. And yet for churches or computer rooms you will need completely different equipment that uses true fogging under 10-micron particles or dry fog! We have everything and at prices that are lower than the going market!

Your tools and equipment can vary from as low as $500 to $2,500 for our gold package, which comes with a 4 gallon power sprayer or electrostatic sprayer (your choice), a 2-5L hand held cordless electrostatic sprayer, a full face respirator, suits, gloves, an EPA registered disinfectant that is on the N list to mitigate against Coronavirus and 4 gallons of a 90-day antimicrobial germ protective coating (The LAST or the Surfaceguard90). We have everything you need from tools, chemicals, suits, respirators, power sprayers, electrostatic sprayers, foggers all on the shopping area of our website. You can either buy them a la carte from our shopping area online or you can purchase a complete set found in our gold package.

As you saw from our website, the MFS Trade School offers a variety of unique and niche trades that you can take online or in person to help you build a more robust business. We offer courses in;

  1. Virus disinfection
  2. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning required by all restaurants
  3. Fryer oil filtration service
  4. Biodiesel waste oil collection service
  5. How to bid public entity government construction jobs.

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