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The MFS Training Center offers virus disinfection training, a certificate of completion of our online course, the sale of EPA approved chemicals for sanitizing and disinfecting and mitigating the COVID-19 virus as well as offering service to establishments by our network of certified students throughout the country. Please fill out the form below to receive more information on training or get a free quote for disinfection service for your establishment.

We believe that this pandemic will usher in a new era in disinfection services that will be needed by ALL restaurants and ALL businesses on a regular basis.

Learn from a combination of on-the-field shot Videos of disinfection services to businesses and Training Manual teaching you how to properly disinfect according to the methods and guidelines used by the EPA and CDC for disinfecting against COVID-19 and other pathogens.

  1. Learn the protocols and safety guidelines of virus disinfecting as per EPA and CDC.
  2. How to safely mix and deploy various concentrated disinfectants & antiviral chemicals.
  3. Learn about disinfectants that can be spray coated to give 30-90 days of continuous virus protection.
  4. Learn about various disinfectants and how they can be sprayed or fogged or using electrostatic machines.
  5. Learn what tools & equipment is needed to offer effective disinfectant & antiviral services.
  6. Learn marketing and estimating for offering disinfection services.
  7. Learn how to bid Public Entity, Schools, Hospitals for disinfecting that can be over $100,000.
  8. Help you get bonded and introduce you to our bonding agency for bidding public work.
  9. Receive the "MFS Certificate for Virus Disinfection", for taking our online course.
  10. Receive one year unlimited phone support for any questions regarding help for your business.
  11. Get put on our list of Certified vendors when we get calls asking for this service in your area.

Your tools and equipment can vary from as low as $500 to $1,200 for our Gold package, which comes with a power sprayer or electrostatic sprayer, a full face respirator, suits, gloves and an a concentrated EPA approved disinfectant that make 720 gallons of solution to mitigate against Coronavirus. We have everything you need from tools, chemicals, suits, respirators, power sprayers, electrostatic sprayers, foggers all on the shop area of our website at You can either buy them a la carte from our shopping area online or you can purchase a complete set found in our gold package. The gold package has everything you'll need to start with one crew of two people. We also have various sprayers (battery operated sprayers, electrostatic sprayers or foggers), and a variety of EPA approved disinfectant chemical for the Coronavirus, suits, full face respirator and everything else to get started. Financing is also available if you qualify.

This course is offered via our online self-study pre-recorded videos and training manual that you can take at your own pace and from the safety and comfort of your own home. Most people take about 1 to 2 days to complete the course...watching the videos and studying the training manual a few hours a day before taking the open book test. The videos and training material will stay up in your login area so you can refresh throughout the year or share with your new employees.

1st Person: $1,500
Each Additional Person: $1,000/person
* Financing Now Available: $750 down and 3 payment of $300/month

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